Every year, thousands of restaurant consultants, chefs, food producers and nutritionists in the hospitality industry identify foods and dishes that are trending in the kitchen. We follow them closely so that home cooks can benefit from taking a peek at current trends and the most popular meal favorites to cook with SmartyPans. Check out these trends to spice up your kitchen.

Trend #1: Instagram-worthy Dishes

Can you even remember a time when you didn’t take your phone out to snap a pic of your brunch? We can’t either. Since IG was launched in 2010, millions of us reach for the phone before the fork.

Here are a few tips to make your food more Instagrammable:

Presentation: TV chef Gordon Ramsay talks about this all the time. Plating your food can make or break a dish’s Instagrammability. Try to keep things colorful and add garnishes to amp up the presentation factor.

Lighting: If you take a picture of food in low light, you’re going to get a bad result. Make sure your kitchen is well lit and your food presentation doesn’t cast long shadows. Photo apps can do wonders to make your “post” pop.

When cooking at home with SmartyPans, pause to take photos and short videos of the food preparation as well as the finished dish—on the stove and on the plate (make sure to tag us!) We’d love to see them and share with the SmartyPans community.

Take Picture of the Finished Recipe Right from SmartyPans App

Trend #2: Where’s the Beef?

Even Burger King and McDonalds are hopping on the “impossible” train by releasing their own fast food version of the meatless burger. If you want to get in on this trend, try Impossible Meats or Beyond Meats, which are now hitting local grocery store shelves. Try using these meat-free meats as a substitute whenever a SmartyPans recipe calls for ground beef in a family favorite dish, such as chili con carne, easy enchiladas, beef and vegetable stir-fry, all-in-one spaghetti with meatballs. Or, make it a juicy, mouthwatering burger; this is a trend that’s here to stay.

Trend #3: One-Pan Meals

Cooked in SmartyPans - Parmesan Crusted Radish Served with Yogurt Based Orange Sauce 

Modern lives are fast-paced and complicated. Days are busy, commutes are long, and work comes home with us after hours and on weekends via email and text. So, the thought of going out for dinner (not to mention the price tag) often comes in a distant second place compared to the comfort and ease of eating your favorite meal at home. And it’s hard to beat the simplicity of three easy one-pan recipes prepared in a skillet.

From Farmer's Market to SmartyPans

Cook for yourself, make dinner for two, or for a group of hungry kids. What’s more, the 10-inch SmartyPans uses voice commands, weight and temperature sensors along with an app to provide you with nutritional information about the food you're cooking. Everything cooks in one pan for maximum flavor and minimal cleanup when the dishwasher-safe SmartyPans comes to the rescue. Check out our products and community here.