You get hungry—there’s no way around it. And like most people, your hunger levels can change from day to day—or even from hour to hour. If you get up super early or have a very active day, you might need more to eat than just what three meals a day can offer you. That, of course, equals snacks—and snacks have become an integral part of how and what we eat. In fact, snacks have gone from a rarity to a regularity. About a quarter of us even snack from three to five times a day.

Unfortunately, plenty of those snacks are high in things you don’t need in your daily diet, such as processed food high in salt, sugar, saturated fat, and other undesirable ingredients. You can make a change, though, and focus on higher levels of protein and fiber. While you can check ingredient levels on prepackaged snacks, you can also make your own. This graphic gives you lots of tasty, good-for-you ideas.

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Snack Attack: How to get more from your snack with fiber and protein
Infographic by Quill