Breathe in and out, ohm! Lavender is one of the most relaxing flowers out there. It has been used to promote a sense of calm and sleepiness through its essential oil extract too. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to a bath or to a glass of water can give an instant sense of zen.

But have you ever thought about using lavender in your cooking? Let us help you introduce some zen into your kitchen.

First: Buy Culinary Lavender

You don’t want your meals tasting like soap or lotion, so avoid using lavender that’s made for beauty purposes.

Next: Infuse

Lavender goes best with honey and mint so a dessert is a natural fit. How about cookies? Fluffy lavender cookies can be made in the oven. SmartyPans can help you measure your ingredients before you lay them out on the cookie sheet.

Finally: Add Zest!

When making cookies or seasoning any dish with lavender, there’s a natural partner for its flavor. Yes, lemon! Get zesty and shave lemon zest on the top of your cookies, meringue, even in a lavender-infused cocktail.

Cooking can be relaxing, especially if you use SmartyPans. Lavender can be measured out for your recipes with precise perfection by using the pan’s built-in smart weight sensors. Now, take a deep breath and get cooking.