SmartyPans FitFluencers are the people in the health, fitness and nutrition industry who have the knowledge, passion and drive to inspire healthy living. With the motivation to inspire and goal of bringing these best and extraordinary people together for our audience, we feature a super amazing person as our FitFluencer monthly in our Taste of Trends Newsletter.

SmartyPans FitFluencer of the month is Terri Allen. Terri’s Thoughts…

1. What motivates you to stick to a workout plan?

I’m a personal trainer so I know and understand how important it is to exercise. I believe once you see results you stick to it.

2. What is your ideal place/time to workout? Why?

I absolutely love teaching Box-N-Funk or Fat Killer Cardio for my cardio and for my weight training I lift after class. Usually in the evenings. I’ve always been an evening workout person.

3. Your thoughts on foods/diet for fitness?

Although I’m a personal trainer I am passionate about educating people on eating and nutrition. I don’t just talk about it. I show how it can be done with recipes, cooking classes and tv segments.

4. What is your favorite recipe?

My Beans and Rice with Turkey Sausage.

5. Your Words of Wisdom for the readers?

No more excuses! Be honest with yourself and be mindful of what you eat. Celebrate your successes!

Indeed! You already got us inspired, Terri!

A big shout out to Terri Allen for being so amazing and we are glad to have her as our FitFluencer! Follow her on twitter @mrsterriallen

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