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SmartyPans September's FitFluencer is Isabelle Marsh.


Isabelle's Thoughts...

1. What is your favorite recipe?

I'm simple (as I believe we should eat simple flavors). I like bone broth with steamed vegetables.

2. What is your favorite cuisine?

If I must choose...Thai.

3. What is your smart cheat?

My smart cheat is banana peppers on top of everything. Banana peppers and a bit of gluten free bread with a dazzle of vinaigrette helps with the gluten crave!

4. Why did you decide to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics?

I believe in treating our bodies like a temple. What we put in our bodies influences our attitudes and perceptions. I'm working towards my nutritional coach certification with a dash of mindfulness training.

5. Any food adventures you would like to share with the readers?

When I traveled to Thailand, I ate an eyeball. I haven't been back since! I do value the food experiences I've had over the years. When I was living in Japan, I ate shrimp heads. Mind you, I was about 8 years old and by this point, eating every part of the fish was the norm!

6. Your words of wisdom for the readers?

Be mindful, be open. Absorb (and eat in moderation). Give everything a try at least one time, even if it makes your nose hairs tickle.

A big hug to Isabelle for being so amazing and we are glad to have her as our FitFluencer.


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