SmartyPans has been creating a buzz about FitFluencers. Well, what is it about??

SmartyPans FitFluencers are the people in the health, fitness and nutrition industry who have the knowledge, passion and drive to inspire healthy living.

With the motivation to inspire and goal of bringing these best and extraordinary people together for our audience, we feature a super amazing person as our FitFluencer monthly in our Taste of Trends Newsletter.

And the wait is over... SmartyPans September's FitFlunecer is Amanda Terillo .


Amanda's Thoughts...

What inspired you to choose this profession?

Everyone has to eat, therefore everyone is affected by good or poor nutrition. Seven out of the top 10 leading causes of death are diet and exercise related, so I know I can help many people by teaching them about nutrition. I love how food is not only something that you eat, but it is also a part of culture.

What is your favorite ingredient?

I love sweets and beer, so sometimes I can go overboard and have too much. This is especially problematic when I am being social. I always remember that it is easier to add good things to the diet, so I always make sure my next meal is full of vegetables and other healthy nutrients. No one is perfect and I always strive to be the healthiest version of myself and not compare myself to others

Can you share a personal fun fact for the readers?

This is hard! I would say it is a tie between Italian and Indian. I know complete opposites! Being from NY, Italian is my comfort food and there is nothing that a little cheese can’t fix. I love Indian food because of all the flavors and different spices used.

What is your favorite cuisine?

I love making pizza. Making whole-wheat dough and tomato sauce from scratch is not hard, and I love teaching people how easy it is! After the dough and tomato sauce is made, I pick a seasonal vegetable and throw it on the grill. The last pizza I made was onion and broccoli pizza with feta cheese.

What is your favorite quick recipe?

My favorite grab and go recipe is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with banana. Is that even a recipe? You got your healthy fat from the nut butter, healthy carbohydrates from the bread and some vitamins and minerals from the fruit. It does not need to be refrigerated, so it can be taken anywhere!

What is the one dessert you'd cheat a diet for?

Since I love sweets it is a vegan avocado chocolate pudding. Yep you heard it right! I made the recipe out of the whim once, and I’ve been obsessed with it since. Check it out

What do you think is the biggest myth about food?

Like I mentioned above, focus on adding good things to your diet, instead of taking things away. Add more vegetables to dinner, drink more water, and start off by adding a healthy breakfast every morning. You will be surprised by how helpful small additions are.

A big hug to Amanda for being so amazing and we are glad to have her as our FitFluencer.


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