SmartyPans has been creating a buzz about FitFluencers. Well, what is it about??

SmartyPans FitFluencers are the people in the health, fitness and nutrition industry who have the knowledge, passion and drive to inspire healthy living.

With the motivation to inspire and goal of bringing these best and extraordinary people together for our audience, we pick these passionate influencers making a change in the health and wellness industry to feature in our Taste of Trends Newsletter.

Meet our FitFlunecer: Jeannine Andre-Burns.

alt Jeannine's Thoughts...

What inspired you to choose this profession?

By the age of 23 both of my parents were deceased, succumbed by cancer. It terrified me. My dad went the allopathic way and died at a mere 94 pounds. My mom who was diagnosed 1 year after his death started out allopathic but when they over treated her found that she was inoperable when the cancer came back. In the 80's when natural eating and healing was considered quackery, my mom had to travel outside of the countries and clinics that hid from authorities so they would not get shut down. There I learned of naturopathic therapies through the various doctors in Oregon, Germany and clinics in NYC practicing Vitamin C therapy. I was terrified when I was alone of getting cancer so I started to learn as much as I can and got pretty good at it. Friends would come to me and ask. One day when stressed out at my technology job, I asked myself this can't be the last chapter of my book. So I pursued my bucket list and got my Masters in something that I always was interested in. Nutrition.

What is the biggest challenge being on track with your health and fitness goals? How do you overcome it?

At this point, doctors want to put me under the knife for a hip replacement. My years of horseback riding, roller skating, ice skating and running widdled down my cartilege and now I am doing fitness that is light which is totally against my grain. I mean I am not a sky diver but I love extremely active stuff. Now I can't do it. I am now doing High Intensity Interval Training that protects my bones and starting back up again with palates to continuously keep my core strength so that I build muscle to help fight increase fat percentage. Food is challenging but working with patients from the practices that I work in reminds me of the right things to do and I balance my body so that I learn discipline.

Tell us about your favorite cuisine...

I tend to like Asian cooking with its savory taste and tamari and sesame seasoning. Japanese is the most healthiest and sushi I can live off of it wasn't so dangerous with the mercury content. If I had a private cook, they will probably prepare for me everyday a Asian/Mediterranean fusion.

Tell us about your favorite recipe you cook.

One of my favorites is a kale salad that includes onions, avocado, toasted sesame oil, olive oil, sesame seeds and seasonings. I would throw a seared tuna or salmon with tumeric salt and pepper. Avocado salad dressing would top it off.

What is your favorite grab-n-go recipe?

Lately a hard boiled egg and a yogurt with a piece of fruit.

What is your smart cheat food?

yogurt, granola and fruit.

One word of advice you would like to give for our readers?

In order to stay healthy concentrate on your total body composition. That means fat%. The scale fools you when you are building up your body. Muscle is heavier than fat so if the scale tips the wrong way, it may be that you are building muscle.

A big hug to Jeannine for being so amazing and we are glad to have her as our FitFluencer.


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