It was Back To the Future Day, just a few days ago and the whole world was talking about the futuristic predictions made 30 years ago. Now picture this, it’s 2050, you’re driving cross country in your self driving electric car and you see large farms on both sides of the road. These are farms like no present farms with herds of cattle, these are cricket farms!
alt This summer of 2015 was the beginning of the first ever U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) funded project focused on low cost cricket farming. The famous Shark Tank VC Mark Cuban recently invested in a food startup that sells nutritional bars fueled on this highly sustainable source of protein. Soon enough the nutrition and fitness industry jumped on the bandwagon. So, what is all this chirp about crickets?

alt First and foremost, they are a great source of high quality protein. A 2TBS serving of cricket flour provides a whopping 7 grams of high quality protein including 4 of the 9 essential amino acids.

They are a great source of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which is the biggest selling point for all the protein powders out there meant for body building.

Crickets are also a good source of vitamins and minerals such as B2, B12 and iron. These nutrients have a huge impact on keeping your body active.

Here are some tips to incorporate it in your fitness schedule:

1) Use it as a post-workout protein powder in your protein shake. Hint: The flour does have an earthy after taste. Blending it with seasonal fruits would make it delicious.

2) Use it for baking: a high protein pizza crust or protein rich cookies for the holiday! Why not?

3) Try one of the plenty cricket flour bars available in the grocery stores.

Do you sense a protein revolution coming?