Fall is finally kicking in !! So it is officially the right time to let out the secret to the fall flavors that won’t just treat your taste buds but also fit your fitness demands. SmartyPans has a gift for those who are now weary of the pumpkin spice flavor and want to experiment with some new ones!

1) Apple & Pear- For all the fruit lovers, here’s some good news!! Detox your body and boost the antioxidant supply to the body to keep that healthy glow on. Wouldn’t it be the best thing in the world if your sweet tooth cravings were met with something healthy this fall?? Try apples & pears and we promise you will be surprised how many recipes you could make with these very basic fruits!! Put them in tarts, puddings, pies, salads, custards, anything!! alt

2) Jackfruit- A musky aroma with a fruit gum flavor, unique combination right? Jackfruit pulp can be roasted, dried, added to soups and used in chips, jams, juices and ice-creams. The seeds are edible too and have a smoky flavor. Boil them,roast them or even ground them into flour.High in Potassium, protein and Vitamin B this tropical fruit helps build resistance against infection and control heart rate and blood pressure. alt

3) Fennel- Rich in Potassium, fiber and vital vitamins, this member of carrot family, adds just the right fruity aroma and the right tinge of savory spice to your preparations. The benefits of fennel are too many to list here. Be sure to check them out and be amazed. alt

4) Mushrooms- Those cute nature’s umbrellas can surprise you with the unique flavors they bring to the table with each different type of themselves. Portabello being one of the most common and readily available among the vast variety, the juices can send your taste buds on a fantasy trip. Trust us!! alt

5) Butternut Squash- You can it Mr. Pumpkin’s little brother! It imparts a sweet and nutty taste to your delicacies. Super rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins, it’s the perfect ingredient for inclusion in your post-workout meals. alt

6) Beetroot- This root can uproot more health problems than you can imagine!! Apart from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to beating fatigue and keeping osteoporosis at bay, Beetroot is a true hero of the diet plan. It's anaemia treating and cancer prevention properties along with its capability to keep diabetes in check make it a LEGEND !! It’s earthy taste is delicious yet distinctive!! Come on folks..Paint it red!! alt

7) Nasturtium plant- This is the clear and undisputed winner and that’s why we saved it for last!! This one came to us as a total surprise when this Peruvian native’s stem tasted sweet in the start but then set our tongues on fire as it turned peppery hot. But we absolutely loved this dupe! The leaves and flower being milder than the stem can be added to salads, soups, omelettes, curries and everything else!! Rich in Vitamin C, Nasturtium is known to possess a herbal equivalent of penicillin that helps the body combat infections. alt