SmartyPans has been creating a buzz about FitFluencers. Well, what is it about??

SmartyPans FitFluencers are the people in the health, fitness and nutrition industry who have the knowledge, passion and drive to inspire healthy living.

With the motivation to inspire and goal of bringing these best and extraordinary people together for our audience, we feature a super amazing person as our FitFluencer monthly in our Taste of Trends Newsletter.

And the wait is over... SmartyPans September's FitFlunecer is Michelle Hill.


Michelle's Thoughts...

What inspired you to choose this profession?

I've always had a passion for helping others. It wasn't until I was working in a wellness center, that I started to appreciate how hard the body works to keep itself healthy, and more importantly, the direct relationship nutrition has with a healthy mind, body and soul. So it was only natural to put the two together, and become a Registered Dietitian. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE food :)

What is the biggest challenge being on track with your health and fitness goals? How do you overcome it?

Motivation. It comes in waves. I truly believe my spirit animal is a sloth. I just love having lazy days! So it's hard to motivate myself to exercise. I do much better exercising with someone- the accountability factor works great for me. Currently, my very patient husband is my gym partner. If our schedules were different, I would probably attend fitness classes. I also love to create a positive, motivating environment. Most of the Instagram accounts I follow are health and fitness related, and I am happy to have a lot of friends and family members who love to be active and healthy as well.

Tell us about your favorite cuisine...

um, everything?! I seriously love all foods. I am not biased. If I had to narrow it down though, I would say Asian cuisine. I love any meal that has fresh vegetables, lean proteins, mixed with noodles/rice and a delicious sauce. Its so versatile! There are so many different ingredients to play around with (ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk, chilies etc.), to change the flavor of the sauce. So many different vegetables to change the texture and taste. Sometimes I feel like I am working with a blank canvas and by the time I am done mixing foods around, I've created a masterpiece. It's so much fun!

Tell us about your favorite recipe you cook.

I've been obsessed with my Honey Sesame Salad for a while now. The dressing is what makes the meal. I use peanut oil, rice vinegar, honey, splash of soy sauce, splash of fish sauce, fresh grated ginger, lime juice and cilantro. I throw that on top of a very colorful salad with some lean protein like grilled chicken or salmon and the flavors are out of this world! It is a very refreshing and filling meal. I also love to add some rice noodles in the salad for some texture. It gives me an excuse to be the weirdo who eats salad with chopsticks.

What is your favorite grab-n-go recipe?

A yogurt parfait. It has pretty much all food groups except veggies. The yogurt is a great source of protein and dairy, the granola/oats is a great source of whole grains, throw some chopped strawberries in there to get your fruit serving while you are at it. Its very nutritious and filling. Perfect for days when I am on the run and have a busy day. No cooking. No fuss, no muss. If you can make your granola yourself ahead of time, like on a lazy weekend afternoon, it's an added bonus.

What is your smart cheat food?

Bibimbap. It's a traditional Korean dish in which it's served in stoneware to preserve the heat. It's a bowl with mixed veggies, rice, minced protein and an egg. I consider this a "smart cheat" food, because although everything is very lean and fresh, it's very carbohydrate dense, and as much as I love carbohydrates, the just don't love me back. So this is one meal that I choose to enjoy without any hesitations. Bring out the stretchy pants!

One word of advice you would like to give for our readers?

Keep foods to its closest original form. We have started to tamper with so many different food items: "low fat" that, "sugar free", this, that we have forgotten how to eat mindfully and intuitively. Keep foods to its closest original form, learn to eat in moderation and appreciate what whole foods have to offer.

A big hug to Michelle for being so amazing and we are glad to have her as our FitFluencer.


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