I am a 23 year old Indian woman all on my own in the United States and I don’t know how to cook. There, I said it!! From the place where I hail from, I am probably not marriage material because I can’t cook. That is so annoyingly stereotypical. Not that I care much about it, but considering how much I love ethnic food, It’s probably a pretty big deal. I don’t earn myself and restaurants in NYS make the hole in my parents’ pocket deeper. I am blessed to have a roomie who is a cooking expert and loves cooking. She’s got my back for another year but what after she leaves? Help!!! SOS!! I need a solid solution. Ooops… did I mention how L.A.Z.Y. I am?!?!

Let’s look at the options I can resort to after my roomie forsakes me:-

1) Recipe Books & Apps
Naaah…Never… Because I don’t like reading either. I mean come on!! If I am lazy, why would I volunteer for the tedious multitasking with all the reading and chopping and stirring to do at the same time?

2) Food Network Even though I love watching it because the chefs are good eye candies, I hate taking down notes or memorizing what goes on the flame. Imagine watching the guy sizzle the stir fry and you having to distract your brain for taking notes. Huge turnoff, right?!

3) Calling up mom
As much as I would love to do that because I miss her voice so much and as much as she would feel proud that her hopeless daughter is showing enthusiasm in entering the kitchen for something apart from hogging, it is not possible. Blame the time-zone difference and expensive international calling tariffs.

4) SmartyPans
I came across this badass technology through a Facebook advertisement as my feed is anyway brimming with FOOD posts. Like a child greedy for a lollipop, I clicked the advertisement and was aghast after seeing their instructional video. THAT WAS IT!! MY AHA MOMENT. It had to be my 1st buy with the summer internship stipend I had just got. So now the wait begins.

This kitchen invention is a boon to helpless foodies like me. I’m getting jittery waiting for the pan to arrive. Until then, all I can do is like food photos on Instagram and hope the things that I get to eat taste like those in the pictures.